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Fan Festival Marseille


Engineered Insanity

Three challenges were set by F1; Firstly, to celebrate the return of F1 to France in one of the most vibrant cities of the countries’ South. Secondly, to bring the world of F1 closer to current, occasional, and new fans, and thirdly, to establish a new revenue source for Liberty media through brand extension.


Bright idea 
Off the back of the success of F1 Live London 2017, TBA was awarded the opportunity to design and deliver the free-to-access F1 Festival 2018 in Marseille to achieve all F1 objectives. Drawing from our experience in Motorsports, we created and delivered, in its entirety, a 3-day spectacle across three Marseille locations to bring motorsport, music and fans together, ultimately celebrating the sport and inspiring a new generation of fans. The event involved race teams Renault, Red Bull, Haas, and Toro Rosso to create one of the biggest sporting fan festivals in Marseille history.