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global Launch Kits


The dedicated JLR team at TBA were tasked with launching the Velar, Discovery and Evoque to a new target demographic, world-wide, with the sole mission to create noise, build awareness and attract new customer prospects to the stunning new models. The challenge was to create a universal launch experience and travelling ‘kit of parts’ that could be quickly deployed across multiple international markets.

Bright Idea
We knew this audience well, design aware, technologically connected and very much in the market for brands that reflect their style and success drivers. That meant creating a kit that was striking as an attractor – meticulous and premium in every single detail.

For the Velar we created a full 24m touring kit to be used at indoor events, with engaging digital and hands-on experiences that invited guests to “play” and immerse themselves in the vehicle. Local market teams were trained on how best to engage with the target audience and comprehensive guidelines provided for markets to ensure the Velar experience was executed to global standards with clear advice on every detail incl. guest experience design, environment look and feel, venue selection and host / hostess recruitment and management test drives. 

We also filtered signage, information and messaging to ensure it was succinct and engaging, before translating it into local languages. Based on the success of the initial launch, the format and modular kit has now been despatched worldwide.

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The Velar launch experience and kit was successfully introduced across 12 markets, with a total of 59 events and 356 customer experience days delivered so far; reaching a total exposure of 568,850 potential customers and still counting. Each event gathered its own M&E, resulting in 6,164 leads and a positive ROI for the project globally.