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Rugby World Cup 2015

Global Partner Hospitality


“One tournament, multiple brands and campaigns delivered in a hospitality experience like no other – a memorable celebration of rugby”

Bright Idea
The Rugby World Cup 2015: it promised to be one of the world’s most amazing sporting events. Naturally, hospitality had to match the quality on the pitch. Many agencies came up with ideas – but we were thrilled to stand out, as IMG chose us to help them deliver the Worldwide Partner (WWPs) Hospitality Programme.

Conventional hospitality can be simple, merely providing the basics. By contrast, we knew that every aspect of what we contributed to the tournament had to be extraordinary, individual to each partner brand, but part of one, integrated ‘Best in Class’ experience.


Nothing quite so dramatic had ever been attempted in sports hospitality, or delivered to such a uniformly high standard. We had set out to deliver a ‘Best in Class’ experience, and our client and their guests alike were impressed by the radical renovations.