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British GP hospitality

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More than 350,000 fans attend the F1 British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone, making it one of Britain’s largest annual sporting events. Recognising that the ‘old school’ F1 hospitality experience was falling behind, Silverstone tasked TBA with reinventing and reinvigorating the hospitality experiences for Silverstone Six and Drivers Lounge.


Bright Idea 
TBA knows that the way to engage fans is through unforgettable, lively and educational experiences. We redesigned the layout, interiors, catering menu and the journey so that guests are encouraged to mingle and interact with the sport and participative elements.

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TBA has been delivering Silverstone Hospitality for the past five years, with 2019 being the most successful year yet with over 10,000 guests and overwhelming feedback from the client.

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