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The Experience
A discovery experience inspired by the original story of Charles Tanqueray in one part and complemented in the second part with a live Bar Tender competition to ‘Search for a signature’. A challenge about finding creative and scalable solutions from the world’s best ingredients to land the perfect Tanqueray No.Ten serve.



Charles Tanquery
Introduction to Charles Tanquery telling the story of his journey to create the world’s finest gin in 1830 when he began crafting the recipe.



Bottle Timeline
‘If this were an ordinary gin, we would have put it in an ordinary gin bottle.’

A time line showing how the bottle shape and design has changed very little over the years from 1940’s to the present day, with advertising campaigns from each era.

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Timeline Classic
Charles Tanqueray perfected his London Dry gin 180 years ago, and his recipe remains the timeless classic today. But his quest to find that perfect balance of flavour is a story in itself, that saw him traverse the globe in search of just the right ingredients.



Unmistakably Tanqueray
A blind taste test for the vistor. Can you recognize the ‘Unmistakable Taste of Tanqueray’ versus our leading competitors? Close your eyes, have a taste and vote for your favourite G&T.



Tanqueray NO.Ten Bar
‘Thyme To Tanqueray’
Tanqueray No. TEN | Ruby Grapefruit | Thyme

‘Negroni De Sevilla’
Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla | Belsazar Red Vermouth | Campari